Wildflower Information

Links to external websites

External website created by a member of our chapter that specializes in the wildflowers of Tuolumne County:
Calflora website:
Yosemite Wildflower app, developed by our own chapter members, Barry and Judy Breckling:


Links to Plants Lists from Recent Field Trips of the Sierra Foothills Chapter

(Excel files unless noted otherwise)

2. Winnemucca_Lake (September 8, 2019)
1. High_Sierra_Double_Header (August 17-18, 2019)


Some Useful Calflora IPL’s

IPL stands for Illustrated Plant List. Some IPL’s are too short to be of much use, but I found a few that were very helpful when I was trying to identify plants visually from the same area, without bothering to use dichotomous keys.

IPL for Red Hills:
IPL for Yosemite Valley:
IPL for Wawona: